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Lloyds Blinds

19 - Mar - 2012

FREE Estimate, FREE Measure, FREE Fitting throghout Anglesey, North Wales and Cheshire.


Blinds in North Wales and Cheshire - LLOYDS BLINDS Best since 1979

vertical blinds


For 30 years, Lloyds have supplied blinds throughout Anglesey, North Wales and Cheshire. We manufacture to demanding technical specifications ensuring customers receive high quality durable products that combine the very essence of design with function and will provide total satisfaction for many years to come.

Please contact us for a free consultation or brochure.

Special Offers!!

-3 VERTICALS    for £99!

-5 VERTICALS    for £159!

-7 VERTICALS    for £199!

-10 VERTICALS  for £279!

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